Giving to MHT

Please Remember Most Holy Trinity in Your Will


Sadly, 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Most Holy Trinity is aware that the majority of our people are probably struggling to make ends meet. With all the bills…credit cards, student loans, car payments…they don’t know how they can afford to give more to the church. The reality is that church and charity giving isn’t always a part of their budget….The result? The church lives with limited resources for Ministry, Outreach and Missions.

The people of this Diocese have been blessed with churches and property that their forebears sacrificed to put in place. Most Holy Trinity was founded in 1874 (the first Roman Catholic church in Mamaroneck) and many of them worked long and hard to give us what we have today – a place to pray, to celebrate our Baptisms, Communions, Confirmations, Weddings and finally, Funerals.

Almost everything that gets done in our parish, and all that enables it to get done, i.e., heating, electricity, etc., is paid for by the parishioners. Parishes pay a certain portion to the Diocese to support poor parishes and their other required services. Most of that financial support comes from Sunday Offering and when special collections are taken up which leaves us only one resource: the charity of the people.

Financial support can be given as an act of thanksgiving, a memorial for someone, or in times of joy, like the birth of a child. You can also remember your parish in your Will or Living Trust, designating the parish as a beneficiary in a specific way. You can name a specific dollar amount and you can designate your bequest for a specific purpose or leave it as a general gift for whatever is needed.

God is the giver of all good things; we are constantly receiving abundantly from His gracious hand. In giving back, we proclaim that everything we have comes from God.

Most Holy Trinity thanks you for your generosity.

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