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What are the biggest reasons new fashion brands fail?

Alright my fashion-forward friends, let's dive into the whirlwind world of new fashion brands and why some just can't cut it on the catwalk. Numero Uno: cash flow, or rather, the lack thereof! See, creating a fashion brand is like buying a fancy coffee maker, you need a hefty dose of capital to get the beans grinding. Second on the runway of reasons is poor marketing. It's not enough to design a killer pair of jeans, you've got to get the word out there, or else it's a fashion faux pas. Last but not least, quality control - if those jeans start falling apart after one wash, guess what? Your brand's reputation follows suit! So folks, it's all about money, marketing, and making sure your threads are top-notch.

What's a good way to quickly develop your own style?

Developing your own style quickly requires a keen understanding of your personal tastes, inspirations, and comfort zones. Experimentation is key - try out different looks, genres, or techniques until you find something that feels authentically you. Drawing inspiration from various sources can also help in honing your style. Always remember, confidence in your choices is a big part of personal style. Lastly, it's important to allow your style to evolve and grow as you do.

What fashion rules should all women follow?

In my recent blog, I discussed a few fundamental fashion rules that I believe every woman should embrace. Firstly, comfort should always come first; if you're not at ease in what you're wearing, it'll show. Secondly, investing in quality staples like a good pair of jeans or a little black dress will never steer you wrong. Understanding your body type and dressing to accentuate your best features is another key rule. Lastly, never underestimate the power of accessories - they can take an outfit from good to great!

What are the best sales / discount online shops in Europe?

In my search for the best online discount shops in Europe, a few names consistently stood out. Companies like ASOS, Zalando and Boohoo are offering incredible discounts on a variety of products. I was also impressed by the deals found on Amazon Europe and eBay. These online platforms host a myriad of sellers offering competitive prices. So, if you're looking for a bargain, these sites are definitely worth checking out.