Bible Study Session
When you want to know what God wants to say....Read THE BIBLE...
Have you read His best seller? It's quite a challenge!...

Bible Study at Most Holy Trinity, which has been in existence for the last 22 years, takes place every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm, from September to May.The program is conducted by Reverend James Villa, O.F.M., an expert in biblical studies and a wonderfully gifted communicator. The aim of our Bible Study, as described by some of the people who attend, is to help us read and understand the message of the bible in relation to our day-to-day Christian living. To understand the significant aspects of the church's life from the point of view of scripture. We hear scripture read at each Mass. Bible Study helps you to understand its meaning more deeply and more clearly.
This year of 2011-2012, Fr. Villa has selected: The Book of Revelation: Everyday Spirituality For a Confused World.
"The Book of Revelation invites us 'in the spirit' to examine the 'tribulations' of our everyday lives and in the power of the same spirit, to witness the apocalypse/revelation of the Lord's life-giving and victorious presence in these same experiences."
Fr. James Villa, OFM
Come join us..religious education is not just meant for children as they prepare for the sacraments. This program is Adult Learning at its best!
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